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We and Korea's leading design compan-ies signed a design agreement

with MINISO called the K100 Design Project.

The K100 project, which was launched in December 2018, aims to design and mass produce 100 products throughout the lifestyle for a year.

The main contents of this design agreement are to meet MINISO, which provides quality products at reasonable prices,

and studios leading Korean designs, to provide consumers with new lifestyles through exchanges of human and physical resources, connection between design studios, and other mutual cooperation for mid- and long-term development.

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Starting with BOUD,


studio BEBOP. (CEO: Soo-hun Jung & Rich Park),
BDCI (CEO: Seo-min Lee & Gwon-gak Lee),

JOONGHO CHOI Studio (CEO: Joong-ho Choi),
Gongdreen (CEO: Ju-hyun Yoo),
hou. (CEO: Woo-suk Heo),
to be company (CEO: Kwanghoon Park)

Jiyoun Kim studio (CEO: Ji-youn Kim),
Liliku (CEO: Joanna Son & Jung-woo Park),

Longing (CEO: Cho-rong Park),
mark&draw (CEO: Mark Choi),
S2VICTOR (CEO:Min-kwan Seo & Hong-seok Seo)

participated in the K100 project,

and Professor Jae-myeong Kim and Ken Nah participated in the K100 project as advisors.

"We hope this cooperation will be a new attempt to find positive development directions with Korean design studios through the design and

mass production of products across lifestyles," said Jimmy Park, representative of the BOUD.


"With K100 design products that anyone can access in their daily lives, we will work together to develop new design values.”

The K100 Design Project products are available from April 2019 at more than 5,000 MINISO stores around the world.

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