We are a design studio

that provides a value

product experience

Our design gives businesses a powerful business opportunity, To provide consumers with a new lifestyle.
This is why we exist.

We are
In order to create a positive experience for our products, we first research and seriously consider the user experience.

Next, we develop product design and brand design with clear concept.

We started in 2015 with two designers: 

Jimmy Sungho Park and Kitae Kim.
Park has experienced global projects as a designer at Samsung OpenTide,
For an effective combination of user experience and product design, we have established a partnership 

with Kim, an industrial designer from LG Electronics.


Therefore, We were able to design a variety of lifestyle products from our thoughts on the user experience,

We are continuing our projects with various partners through unique style and differentiated design results.

Please feel free to contact us about Brand, Product design collaboration

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