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We tried a new package design to maximize environmental and social value with Donggubat. This collaboration was a way to think about the direction of design through Dong-gubat's philosophy that values the environment and social values. It was a good project.


We explored ways to add environmental and social value through a new package design.


First, we designed a development plan to minimize paper waste.
Garbage that is inevitably generated from ordinary packages
In order to minimize it, a straight structure was developed.
By reducing the wasted paper, the package production efficiency is greatly improved,
The original function of the package to protect the product can also be maintained.


Second, we used eco-friendly paper made with natural energy.
The paper `Crush` used in the Donggubat package contains citrus fruits, corn, coffee, etc.
Paper made from natural materials generated during the processing of ingredients.


Third, the core value of Donggubat, a warm relationship with people, was practiced through the package. We created an advertisement space for them with the hope that it will be used as a medium for social enterprises rather than a discarded package.


What is the structure of the package that can protect the product while using a little less paper?
Is there any way to help social enterprises that lack advertising budget?
Gageum Soap Special Edition Package Design Our Questions Find
It's a rustic first experiment and solution.


Creative director - Karis jiyeon ma

Graphic design & CMF - Youngmin hwang / Sunwook hwang / Sewon kim / Donggubat 

Partner - Donggubat

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