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A virus created by human selfishness spread all over the world! also, Disposable masks are causing serious earth pollution. 
We need a safe living brand for the selfless relationship! 

The first project of SAFEA 


SAFEA has made the safest mask with antiviral material by Deomedical technology. 
SAFEA Mask inactivates viruses, removes antibacterial and odors, relieves skin troubles, and protects our daily safety. 


Virus inactivation test completed.

Tested for strong antibacterial activity.

Removal of incomparable strong odor.

Skin irritation test completed.

Functional maintenance test completed after washing 100 times. 


Proven antiviral function beyond antibacterial. 
CONVID19 is a virus, not a bacteria. the Deomedical material used by SAFEA has proven antiviral function. 


We studied the usability and made it with excellent materials and designs with 50 products.while breathing comfortably ergonomically experience a long-lasting fit and an excellent and sensual fit. 

Creative director - Sungho Park
Brand director - Ma Ji Yeon
Project manager - Sewon Kim
Designer - Aaron Lee, Jinsu Du
Photography - Mezi
Stylist - Lee Yeon Ji
Hair - Yun Gwang hyo
Makeup - Kim Tae Young
Model - Park Ji Yeong, Chaeun Park, Jeon Ung Cheon
Studio - Yesstudio
Manufacturing - Yunyoun Moon
Brand owner - Marvin Lee

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