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PIC design inspiration from your Happy life

It started with the challenge from the idea that everyone should be able to use a camera  easily and be lightweight. That could transform its shape freely and fixed without a cradle. Also at various angles that were unavailable until now. PIC takes you one step closer to a comfortable

Flexible life.



PIC as part of flexible life

With its ability to flexibly transform, you can now pretty much put  PIC anywhere.

PIC will be a part of your Flexible life.

"A camera you don't have to hold sounds even lazier than not asking a stranger to take a photo for you. But this little gadget is all about helping you get creative shots of all kinds of things — such as what you're cooking for dinner and the view as you ride your bike. And, of course, your face."

"The Flex Cam PIC, on the other hand, has that covered. The miniature camera sits at the end of a long, flexible body that you can wrap around anything from your wrist to a telephone pole, and manipulate so it’s at just the right angle to capture the perfect shot."

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