Lounge Nternity Isu
We designed the brand and space for the luxury cosmetic brand Nternity. We designed a brand experience space that customers can actually experience as well as the brand's sensibility felt in the product, which can deliver a consistent brand experience.


Meeting room for B2B partners 

It is designed to give customers a sense of luxury and comfort.
We allow people to share stories while experiencing the product to their heart's content, and separate the lounge from the meeting room to clearly define its use.

The comfortable wood tones and bright furnishings give it a comfortable yet light feel.


Wood, stone, and iron are properly configured to create a feeling of sophistication and

comfort at the same time.
In particular, cosmetic products are displayed stylishly and clearly through

the metal display desk.

Brand director - Karis jiyeon ma
Spacial designer - By seog be seog / jiyoun ma

Signage design - Sujin kim
Photography - Mingu kang
Client - Nternity