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“Inner elegance accumulated through experience in life and the beauty on the outside creating envy" NTERNITY goes beyond premium cosmetics brands and pursues a life of individual self-care. Looking forward to your second peak of beauty more beautiful today than yesterday NTERNITY will be with you in your beauty.


Nternity, with a famous middle-aged actress as the main model, gives middle-aged women hope that they can become beautiful again. Accordingly, BI and visual elements must maintain a very luxurious and confident tone & manner.


BI is designed in the form of simple and luxurious typography. The shape of the typography is applied to cosmetic containers as it is, continuing the luxurious metaphor.

The container applied around typography was very difficult to manufacture. A lot of communication with the manufacturer was required to match the printing line. Simple and original graphics that have never been seen in cosmetic containers are applied.


We designed a space where you can actually feel the brand. It allows you to experience luxurious products in a luxurious way in a luxurious place. By designing all the experience elements, we can provide customers with a positive and unified experience.


Creative directing - Karis jiyeon ma 
Brand & graphic design - Sujin kim

Brand naming - Booyoung hwang
Photography - Jooyoung Ahn, Hyekyung Cha

Partner - AOK commerce / director jason min

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