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Air purifier brand Clair and design studio BOUD & Duotone created ‘My clair’,
My clair is an air filter subscription product & brand.

'My clair' is designed to measure air quality and automatically notify the user's mobile of the replacement cycle of HEFA filters. This notification allows users to automatically order new filters. 

clair_myclair_A (1).jpg
clair_myclair_A (4).jpg

These two large functions can be conveniently controlled via a circular sliding button. 

a craft metaphor was applied with a small but high-level effect, simple shape and color. 

clair_myclair_B (4).jpg
clair_myclair_B (6).jpg
clair_myclair_B (7).jpg

The bottom of the product is designed so that the filter is exposed. We planned it to check the current status of the filter intuitively. This is the first design attempted in air purifier design. In addition, we planned to color according to the filter's function so that the purification filter can be selected according to the needs of consumers.

clair_myclair_B (9).jpg

The simplicity of the overall format fits well with any surrounding environment. The size that is easy to use in each space has an effective concept for air purification.


My clair's mobile app connects to your product, monitors air quality, and allows you to instantly order filters.


Brand director - Dayoung Jung, Jiyeon Ma
Product Designer - Kitae, Jinsu Du
Brand Designer - Duotone & Haemin Jung
UX Designer - Duotone
Photography - Mezi
Model - Marvin Lee
Client - Clair Inc

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