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BOUD developed an integrated design project for "본향전- Bonhyanggeon," a new building for Hue Memorial Park in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do.

The concept of "the warmth of love," always exchanged between the grieving family and the departed, has been achieved through a space where one can enjoy proper rest.

Despite the typical worries about the nature of the business, the sensitively designed Hue presents a new idea of funeral culture. It differs from existing memorial parks and their usual state-of-the-art facilities and flashy designs.


The lobby hall, with its ridges and layers, represents the memories of life created by joy, sorrow, and bliss: it's the path for souls who enter the peaceful realm of eternal rest.


The unity of the colors, together with the material of the walls and flooring, fully express the rest, ease, and peace one can feel at Memorial Park Hue - 본향전- Bonhyanggeon.

Only three colors in the space (Warm white, Mild Brown, and Charcoal Black) convey a discreet yet elegant opulence.

We combined the color and texture of the wall and floor tiles to create a cozy and ample space, even though 12 thousand columbaria were installed. We selected with no sheen but a soft texture to represent the warm and human aspect.


The special room in the 본향전- Bonhyanggeon - hall is a private memorial space with the softness of Mild Brown.

The inherently divided compartments in the general columbarium area separate you from the spaces while reducing your psychological distance.

The cemetery's name in this particular room was designed as a title for a person with a purified heart and affection.
The crypt's name, which represents the deceased individual during their lifetime, reflects Hue's philosophy and mindset to respect the lives of the departed and the bereaved families.


The Royal Room is a private memorial space where you can see varied sceneries that change with the seasons.

They were designed to fit objects and urns comfortably. Therefore they have the largest size and depth in Korea. The elegant balance of the black walls and gold framing, which seems to hold the profoundness of life, feels refined.


The sub-lobby is a restful area where you can calm your mind after paying your respects to the departed. Elletravaille's Farewell objects and AOKI Hayato's tranquil music provide time to clear your senses.


We have designed the altar by imagining the bringing of a spirit to the altar, the appearance of this spirit, and most of all, the bearing of the bereaved families when paying their respects to the deceased.

Unlike other columbaria in the country, we have entirely excluded flashy decorations. Instead, we concentrated on the spirit enshrined inside and how we could esteem it.

The protruding frame of the columbarium was also intended to provide relief to the soul for being enshrined in an independent space.


The columbaria accommodate the deceased and have an altogether different structure and design from other memorial parks.

The 12,000 compartments and frame injections are designed to be securely fixed, and the post-processing and detailing provide a new approach for the shelving.

Also, detailed frames are very inviting and modern.

The luxurious bolt design makes each corner easy and safe to detach.

Pro-Capture One 0987-2.jpg

"Love is what fills this memorial space."

Bundang Memorial Park Hue will be a healing space for bereaved families and the deceased to encounter one another and live a life of hope.

Creative Directing
Jiyeon Ma, YeonhwanLee 

Jongok Kim, Jinsu Du, Won Jang, Jaehwi Han, Hatty Lee, Chaeyoung Yoon

Space construction
Into Inc

Columbarium construction
Myungwoo Inc

Signage construction
Amy design 

Botanical design

Kiwoong Hong

Spatial sound
Hayato aoki

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