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This air purifier has been developed for master bedrooms, bedrooms or other private spaces in the European households. The biggest benefit of using CEPA is situated into the filtration performance itself. This CEPA based product performs approximate +10% higher CADR's and cover +10% larger spaces comparing to the case of using the other typical HEPA based products. Its design was inspired by Birdcage which has a sense of unity between its air inlet and outlet structures as one unique pattern. Furthermore, as a combined unit, our design work to create this was majorly intended to maximize the air flow performance and the cost efficiency of it.

스크린샷 2020-02-13 오후 9.59.54.png
스크린샷 2020-02-13 오후 10.04.11.png

Creative directing : Kitae Kim
Project managing : Jongheon Park / Sewon Kim 
Product design : Kitae Kim / Yubin Choi / Sungmoo Choi
Photopraphy : Dash studio
Clients : Clair

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